Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Introduction

What am I doing?
I have decided to create a new blog to record one lesson that I learn from each day. For the first time in my life, I am no longer an official "student" yet I am not ready to give up on learning. I decided to put to the test the old manta "you learn something new every day" by each day recording one new thing that I learned from the previous 24 hours. It could be from a book, a television show, an experience, or the back of a box of cereal. It could be something I learned by specifically seeking out to get knowledge on a topic, something that fell into my lap, or something that I didn't even realize I learned until I took the time to reflect. It could be something that I learned about history, the world, current affairs, society, my friends, or myself. One lesson per one day for one year.

Why am I doing this?

I love to write. I love to learn. I love to document moments of my life. I love to share stories and important parts of my life with others. Is there really a reason not to?

What should you know about me?
  • I like to laugh
  • I like to color with Crayola markers and crayons
  • I have had the same best friends since kindergarten
  • I still hold a grudge for when they ate all of my Dunkaroos frosting when I was up from the lunch table in grade school
  • I just started my first real world job with a global billion dollar corporation
  • I am a middle child
  • I dance to the music in grocery, clothing, and convenience stores
  • I want to have 5 children someday
  • I sucked my thumb until I was in the 4th grade
  • I subsequently had braces from 2nd grade to 8th grade
  • My mom told me that I could choose to have ANYTHING I wanted if I stopped sucking my thumb. When I stopped, my choice was to go to KFC for lunch.
  • I have traveled to six different countries
  • There is more that I want to (and plan to) see in the world than I have the time to describe
  • My family and friends are the most important things in the world to me
  • I love to read and primarily only read non-fiction books... in my eyes there are too many amazing TRUE stories to read fiction.
  • I am an online research junkie and could happily "surf the web" for hours
  • I love life


Kimberly said...

What a great idea. Love it. Already subscribed to it on my Google Reader and am anxiously awaiting your first official post.

You always have such good ideassssssssss.

Matthys said...

kim what the hell is a google reader? i just bookmarked your page katie. also i look forward to reading more about your life. i kinda want to start a blog myself now, but this whole 2 job business is kinda getting in the way of any free time i have/want

Kimberly said...

Omg, Katie got me hooked. You "subscribe" to blogs and then Google puts them all together on one page-ish so that you don't have to check all different sites for blogs, news, sports, etc. It's fantastic.

P.S. You're hot.

Courtney said...

one day you are going to get a big box of dunkaroos in your mailbox! I love this idea and I love YOU ever more! xoxo

Fred said...

can we have a long conversation via kt's comment board? or is that strictly facebook only?

Fred said...

hahah I'm fred

Fred said...

When I made my google account, I made my "public google name" Fred so that I write that my Dad's business is awesome, as Fred, so that's me... Mariel aka Fred