Saturday, November 15, 2008

What day are we at now?

Hey Readers,

I figured I'd use some free time that I have to write a post since I've been getting complaints left and right about not having blogged in a while.

I began this blog with a promise to blog daily, and then I changed that promise to blogging frequently, and as those of you have noticed have pointed out to me, it has now been over two weeks since I have blogged. For one of those weeks I was away at a training course for work, so I will use that as an excuse. However, for the other days I have no excuse besides that I've been traveling on the weekends, working a lot, spending time doing things with friends, and all around avoiding my computer when I get home from work since I spend so much time on it during the day.

But as a life update... I'm very much in love with my job. I have so much fun while I am there and I go back and forth between feeling confident with how I am doing and other times feeling like I need to do more. Either way, the fact that I'm happy while I am at work makes working long hours not so bad.

As for outside of work. I am still looking for organizations to get involved with. I've been following through with the AIDS awareness groups I learned about through the Albany AIDS walk that I attended. Last night I went to a showing of a play that promotes awareness and education on Sexually Transmitted Diseases. It was called "The Adventures of Condom Man". Yes, I actually attended a show with that title. It was a story of a super hero who helps couples one at a time by promoting safe sex. To be honest, it was actually very well done, very smart, very capturing, and very FUNNY. Aside from being exhausted and the showing being a little too long, I really liked it.

I've made some great friends here too. It is a topic I'd like to explore further and tell you all more about, but time constraints won't allow it in this entry.

Sorry for being MIA! I'll be back soon, I hope. No more promises from me though. I'm sorry!

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