Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 64: Finding Nemo

So today I learned some interesting things at lunch about Clown Fish. First of all, jellyfish stings don't hurt Clown Fish! Which is why in Finding Nemo, the daddy fish can swim through the Jellies to rescue Dore! Who know the movie men at Pixar were so smart?

Another thing about clown fish I learned is that they have the ability to change sexes for reproduction purposes. Hm. Now why wasn't THAT part included in Finding Nemo? Can you imagine if Nemo was finally reunited with his dad come to find out-- his dad is now his mom???

Think about it people. Think about it.


Kimberly said...

oooh! oooh!!

So ironic that this post is about "Finding Nemo" because I think that "Just keep swimming" is a perfect theme for us this week/month/life.

Also, I feel like a fish out of water without you in my life.

Sadly, I could keep going with these Finding Nemo references, but for the sake of my already struggling reputation, I'm going to stop here.

Amy said...

I was just in a fish store and saw many of these little guys - I even saw one that was a deeper darker orange, I didn't know there were other colors. And they are lucky, from what I've heard jelly fish stings hurt! The gulf water was full of them this summer - yuck!

Amy said...

And yes that would be hilarious :)

heather said...


Paula said...

I hate cartoons. And who is Marshall???

Doodlebug said...

Um... it's not a CARTOON, it's an animated movie thank you very much!