Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 65: Obama's Economic Platform

Forget the debate... I learned more about Obama's economic platform and made me want to vote for him more due to this clip.

At a rally, Obama is approached by "Joe the Plumber" (who was discussed in tonight's debate) and asked about his tax plan for small businesses and for taxing those who make over $250,000. Obama takes the time to stop and talk to this man and explain to him intelligently and calmly what his tax plan entails. I think this exact video is brilliant and I love Obama and want him to be my president because of it.

John McCain would not have this conversation with "Joe the Plumber" on the street. He just wouldn't.

Please watch all the way through.

I'm convinced.

If you aren't, tell me why. Because I am so dead confident that we need this man as our next President.


Paula said...

Thanks for sharing the clip, Katie, I hadn't seen it yet but had heard about it. I am not completely convinced that Obama is exactly what our country needs but the alternative is unthinkable. Did you see McCain on Letterman? What a fool. And with all the intelligent, acomplished women in politics, the fact that McCain got Palin when he "set up a dartboard" (sorry, not funny) is terrible.

Nicole said...

I heard on the radio this morning that Joe the Plumber owes back taxes and doesn't even have a plumber's license!

Jeff said...

If I get an absentee ballot I'm totally voting for Obama.