Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 69: Escape from prison

I watched MythBusters tonight and learned that you can use either braided up hair, toilet paper, or bedsheets, to make a rope to climb out of a window with.

Good to know!

The hair one was sort of nasty to watch, I don't think I'd want to use that. And the toilet paper took lots and lots of toilet paper tied up tightly. So your best bet is the bedsheets. Just remember to tie your knots tightly.

And although they didn't mention it in the MythBusters episode... I'm guessing that Rapunzel would work too? Interesting. Another interesting thing is my train of thought... which has gone from MythBusters to Rapunzel and now to Sarah Bareilles's song "Fairytale" which is one of my favorites on the album and my favorite verse in the song is the one about Rapunzel where she says,

"The tall blonde lets out a cry of despair, Says I would have cut it myself if I knew men could climb hair, I'll have to find another tower somewhere and keep away from the windows."

It is just such a different way to imagine what Rapunzel must have been thinking while that dude, or I guess I should say, Prince, used her braid as a ladder!

So today, I learned something about possible things I could make my own rope out of, if that situation ever should arise, and YOU ALL learned something about how thoughts in my mind jump from one thing to the other :)


Carol said...

Toilet paper?!?! I must be buying the wrong brand cuz my TP would never hold me. How many "ply" is that - did they recommend the best brand? Charmin, Cottonelle, Scott? If we're going to learn from this, we need more info!!!!!

Katie B. said...

Mom, they used 1-ply prison style toilet paper. So probably, generic, cheap stuff.

They just rolled it really really tightly and thinly and then rolled that around a bunch more and that around a bunch more, over and over and over.

Paula said...

I would like to know how to do it out of your hair....I can't even imagine?!