Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 32: Labor Day

So today is Labor Day. Labor Day has always represented a lot of things to me:

- The end of summer
- The start of school
- A day off from school and an extra day of partying in college
- A day off from work
- Good sales
- "Family Fun Day" at Abbott Run

Although exciting and important to me, I didn't think that any of these things were the original intention of Labor Day. So today, Labor Day 2008, I decided to look up the actual meaning and origin of Labor Day. Much to my surprise, there isn't really THAT much more behind Labor Day besides the day off from work.

Labor Day began in 1882 on September 5th and was celebrated in New York City in accordance with the Central Labor Union. The day was created to honor the working men and women of the United States and give them a day of rest off from work. Through the growth of different Labor Unions at this time, the holiday spread and in 1885 there was nationwide celebration by labor unions. Labor Day REALLY IS a day meant for workers to spend time with their families and to just relax and have fun.

I think this is totally awesome. I sort of feel bad that I just spent an hour on my work computer getting some things done! On that note, I hope that everybody had a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day and have a great 4 day work week!

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heather said...

Instead of relaxing with their families on Labor Day everyone spends their time.... shopping! Thus making all retail employees have to work their butts off on a day that was originally meant for NOT WORKING. Such is the life I have chosen... that said, I had yesterday off! I guess this recruiting gig's not so bad after all :)