Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 49: Inflation

So I'm backtracking again... my weekends away really cause me to have some problems with posting. Maintaining this blog is a LOT harder than I thought it would be.

Anyways, Thursday I learned that inflation is a real live thing and I can now officially join the ranks of old people that say, "Back when I was young, you used be able to buy ____ for only ____ and now you have to pay ____!"

I got word from some friends that prices of pitchers at my favorite Syracuse bar were raised from $3/pitcher to $3.50 and pizza was raised from $1.00/slice to $1.50! I sent text messages to all my friends informing them of the highway robbery that I felt this was and I wanted to warn everybody since we'd all be headed to Syracuse that weekend for Homecoming.

Now, just so people don't think I'm a brat. I do realize that even with the price increases, this is ridiculously cheap. First of all, I don't even PAY for pizza at this place because 3 years of flirting has led me to be best friends with Benny, the young guy whose family owns the place and always works the late night shift. It even got to the point that the other employees knew me so that if I ever showed up and Benny wasn't there, they recognized me as his friend and continued the free pizza fest for me. Second, later this night I went out for a drink in Albany and one single beer cost $5 so yes, I realize that $3.50 for a pitcher is ridiculously cheap!

However, I now will definitely always be using the phrase, "Back when I was in college you could get a pitcher and a slice of pizza for $4!"

(This type of behavior is why we need cheap pitchers.)

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