Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 47: Ultimate Frisbee!

Today after work, a friend of mine asked me to go join a game of pick up ultimate frisbee. I'd never played ultimate frisbee before and I didn't know the rules but I thought that it would a fun thing to do because I like sports outside where you get sweaty and muddy, it was a nice day and who knows how many of those are left, I had gym clothes with me, I need to meet people, exercise is good, etc.

I also had some reasons to NOT go. That list was:

- The pants I had with me were the ones I'd worn at the that morning and that day, I wore these REALLY tight stretch capri pants that I shouldn't be wearing until I lose like 30 more lbs. I wear them to the gym because they are comfy to work out in and other people wear way more ridiculous stuff than I do. However, I didn't want the people from work to think that I didn't know I shouldn't be wearing these pants.
- Also, since I went to the gym in the morning my long t-shirt was all sweaty. I had a shorter one in the car, but I didn't know if I should wear the short shirt with tight pants or the long sweaty shirt with the tight pants.
- I don't know how to play ultimate frisbee
- I really wanted to watch TV at home.. I'd slated myself some time from my roommate to watch the main TV and see stuff I'd DVRed
- I had plans that night to get drinks from a friend and I didn't want to have to shower again.

Finally, I figured, screw it, I'm going to go. And I wore the tight pants with the short-nonsweaty shirt.

So when we got there, not going to lie, I was a little intimidated but my friend swore to me that nobody would care that I sucked. The rules I learned, were pretty simple. I will try to compair to sports that are more well known... for example. Like football, you have to have one of your teammates catch something (the frisbee, duh) while in a designated "end zone" area. Also like football, you start with the ultimate frisbee version of a punt and throw the football all the way down to the opposing team. You pass the frisbee back and forth to your teammates trying to get the frisbee into the end zone.

A key rule is that when you catch the frisbee and have it in your hands, you cannot run. Like basketball, when you stop dribbling, you can pivot and keep one foot in place but you can't run. When people are passing, you can try to play defense and catch/block the frisbee. If the frisbee hits the ground (by someone dropping it or by it being swatted down by the defensive team) then possession switches and the other team has the frisbee. If you throw it out of bounds, possession switches also (like basketball).

So, I hope that this description of the rules wasn't too boring, but I totally had a fun time and I recommend it to everybody to get out there and play some sports and don't be intimidated if its one you aren't a pro at. Well, you can be intimidated-- but don't let that stop you!

P.S. I'm still playing catch up and writing this post the day after I played... and I actually received an e-mail from someone who I played with yesterday as to where I could sign up to get more e-mails and keep playing with them!


heather said...

Way to go, Katie! Good for you!!

Carol said...

I know of a great dragonboat team you could join........