Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 51: Cuse 08 is making moves.

So Saturday, 9/20, I headed to Syracuse for my first Homecoming.

"Do you think about me now and then?
Cause I'm coming home again,
Do you think we could start again?"

- Kanye West, "Homecoming"

It was so incredible to see my friends and the 24 hours in Cuse was filled with all of the things that I love about Syracuse and none of the things I don't. First of all, Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day in Syracuse and anybody who has ever lived in that city gets a greater appreciation for sunny, warm days because they happen so infrequently. Therefore, when it is a nice day, everybody emerges and makes the most of it. So the weather alone, made the mood on campus incredible and the fact that it was homecoming, football, people tailgating, wearing orange, drinking beers and listening to music... I think you could just feel the energy and be happy just off of that.

I got the chance to catch up with so many friends and see so many amazing people and what I learned is that the Syracuse University class of 2008 is legit going places with their lives. I don't think that I talked to ANYBODY who wasn't up to something cool or wasn't making moves in their lives. My friends are working in jobs in every field from the fashion industry to the entertainment industry to the steel industry. They are in incredible grad school programs across the country. They are taking chances and moving new places. I am seriously so proud of all of my friends and am so grateful that so many of us got to travel back to Cuse for Homecoming.

The whole time I was there I was just so happy and having so much fun. And I was scared that it would be depressing... but it really wasn't. The whole time I was there was just pure happiness.

I love SU.

A few select pics of the weekend...

P.S. I had to put up the pics of the clothes because when I say that I learned my friends were making moves... it wasn't a lie. One of my roommates from senior year now has her own clothing designs featured in the windows of a store on campus!! How beautiful are these clothes? I want them all. But especially the orange and off-white one in the bottom picture.

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