Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 43: Aggressive Driving in NYC

So on this day (Friday, 9/12... I'm still playing catch up), I drove into NYC to visit some friends. Yes, I drove into the city and it really wasn't that bad... what was extremely helpful in the trip was the GPS that I recently got for my birthday (BTW- I learned recently that GPS was invented where I work. Yes, that is correct! I didn't include as my "what I learned" because this was the same day as the soda-in-a-meeting lesson and that one was an extremely important lesson). There is no way that I could have driven into NYC alone with printed out directions. I would have gotten miserably lost or crashed into something. Either one. It wouldn't have been good.

So whatever, I drove into NYC and I had planned to park on the street up by my friend's dorm at Columbia. She had been scoping out the parking situation for me for days and learned that there was one street perpendicular to where she lived that had free parking on the street (with actual spots-- not parallel parking!) where I could leave my car for the entire weekend.

When I arrived in NYC there was an ideal spot that someone pulled out of that literally could not be any closer to my friend's apartment. It was right by the corner of an intersection and as I pulled up, I could have darted right into the open spot but decided to be a safe driver instead and waited with my blinker on for a car coming on the left hand side of the road to pass. You can see where I am going with this. The douche bag, jerk-face with no blinker just drove right in even though I was CLEARLY waiting for that spot. I was PISSED.

And obviously, there were no other open spots in this area of parking. So obviously, all the work my friend put in to find this ideal area was wasted. GRRRRR.

I'm still heated when I think of it, but I guess what I learned was that when driving in NYC... go all-out, no holds barred, petal to the metal, AGGRESSIVE driving. Next time, that parking spot will be mine.

P.S. Is "no holds barred" the correct phrase? It doesn't really sound right to me and I couldn't tell you what it originates from so I feel like it is possibly false. After the "all intensive purposes" incident I'm paranoid.


Kimberly said...

First of all, this post cracked me up because clearly we could see where you were going.

Second, I do believe you are right with the term "no holds barred". I could be really wrong on this but believe the term stems from wrestling. In a really intense fight or some kind of grudge match, there would be no wrestling holds barred aka nothing was against the rules. But that's just my interpretation and let's face it, my knowledge of where words come from does not have the best reputation. (Do I even have to bring up the "indie" film fiasco of Cranium '07?)

Katie B. said...

I love you Kim.