Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 38: Intents and purposes.

Today, I learned something that I legit had no clue about. I learned that a phrase I use often is actually not what I thought and completely incorrect.

My mom told me today that a phrase she'd read in my blog was wrong and she wanted to make sure I know. In a past entry, I'm not even sure which one, I used the phrase "for all intensive purposes." And what my mom told me, which I had no clue about, is that that phrase is completely wrong and doesn't make sense and what is actually correct is "for all intents and purposes."

Um, oops.

As embarassing as this is and as hard as it is to hear that you've been wrong (and in this case, it is as if I've been wrong over and over and over since I've been saying "for all intensive purposes" for a while) it is always a good thing to learn something new.

Duh :)

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Amy said...

Wow did you teach me something new! Oh my lord I had no idea about that - I thought it was what you thought it was! Thanks Katie and Carol :) Oh and also if it makes you feel any better I for a really long time thought the saying was "grave assault" instead of "grain of salt" - oops!