Sunday, August 17, 2008

17. La vie boheme.

So, today as I drove home from Boston back to Albany, I was rocking out to my music as per usual while I drive, and I decided that I wanted to put that time to use and learn something that I'd always wanted to. I've always wanted to be able to know all of the lyrics to "La Vie Boheme" and sing the song from start to finish.

For those of you that don't know, "La Vie Boheme" is from the musical Rent and it is a really fun and exciting scene where all of the characters are happy and celebrating and having a good time with one another. The song is making a toast to the Bohemian lifestyle and all of the things that inspire them. I love this and have seen the play/movie/listened to the soundtrack A LOT so I knew many of the lyrics already. However, I have a REALLY hard time learning the lyrics to songs and there are some parts of "La Vie Boheme" that I never could fully understand/sing along to. However, after listening to it over and over and over in the car during my 3 hour ride and rewinding the song to hear certain lines over and over and over... I learned to successfully sing "La Vie Boheme" from Rent from start to finish.

For the full lyrics you can go to any lyrics sites like this one. The full song is long so I'm not going to list them all here, but just some of my favorite parts.

"To days of inspiration, playing hooky, making something out of nothing,
The need to express to communicate,
Going against the grain, going insane, going mad,
To days of tension, no pension, to more than one dimension,
To starving for attention, hating convention, hating pretention,
Not to mention of course hating dear old mom and dad,
To riding the bike midday past the three piece suits,
To fruits, to no absolutes, to Absolut,
To choice, to the Village Voice, to any passing fad,
To being an "us" for once, instead of a "them"!"


"To hand crafted beers made in local breweries,
To yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheese,
To leather, to dildos, to curry vindaloo,
To huevos ranchers, and Maya Angelou,
Emotion, devotion, to causing a commotion,
Creation, vacation, mucho masterbation"


"Justice, revolution, screaming for solutions,
Forcing changes, risking danger,
Making noise and making pleas!
To faggots, lezzies, dykes, cross-dressers too,
To me! To me! To me!
To you, and you, you, and you,
To people living with, living with, living with, not dying from disease!"


heather said...

This is a truly fabulous song/musical. And you're right, as much as I feel I know every word to every song in RENT, I don't think I actually do.... good stuff, you've inspired me to dig it out and listen to it!!

kdal said...

you probably should have given me a slight shout-out in this (: