Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 4: Makeup Application

Last week I was contacted by a woman that I met who sells Mary Kay cosmetics. After talking for a little while on our initial encounter she asked for my e-mail address, which I gave to her. A few day later I received an e-mail from her asking me if I would volunteer my time and be a "face model" for her products. AKA can I try to sell you some of my goods.

Normally, I would have said no since all I do with makeup is put on a little eyeliner and mascara. Black eyeliner when I go out and charcoal eyeliner for during the day. Thats all I do and thats as much as I vary it. However, with this new project I'm doing, I figured, why not? I like having other people do my makeup and I am not opposed to looking pretty-- I just don't know how to wear makeup or feel comfortable doing it myself. Sooo... why not take this opportunity to learn?

I met her at her house and she took me through some different hand and face products that they sell and literally... when I washed my face with the product that she supplied, my skin REALLY looked fresher and cleaner right away. I was pretty impressed.
She then took me through how to put on eyeshadow and how to use highlighter, midtones, and accent colors. I learned the correct way to put on eyeliner (something that I've wanted to know how to do since high school!) and learned that for my eye shape and size, it is best for me to only wear it on the lower eyelid. I learned techniques to make my eye "pop" and I learned what colors work best for me.

The best part about everything and something I didn't even expect was that she had ME put all of the makeup on MYSELF so that I actually did learn how to do it. I've had people try and teach me before and had people explain what they're doing as they put makeup on me, but it has never helped. Working with her really made me feel comfortable that I could repeat what we did.
I'm not really interested in wearing foundation and blush and all that other junk because I have clear skin and "nice rosy cheeks", as my grandma tells me. I know that you can still wear foundation and blush to even out skin tones and whatever... but I feel healthier, prettier, and cleaner without a clogged up/make-upy face. I've really just always wanted to learn how to play around with my eyes. I really liked everything that she taught me and felt so confident about it that I purchased the eye shadow set and also the facewash and face moisturizer (it is legit amazing). I've attached some pics that I took of my new look. Enjoy! And next time you see me in person with my pretty new makeup on, make sure you tell me how gorgeous I look!


. said...

I know commenting on my own blog is kinda weird... but I just realized that those pictures are sort of creepy. They are sorta creepy but I also sort of like them. Opinions anyone?

Kimberly said...

1.) I didn't think you could get prettier, but I loooove the new eye-ness.

2.) The pictures do the trick. They can be creepy if you take them that way, but I think they are blog-perfect. They get your point across without revealing too much. So you still have some anonymity amongst all those people you don't know that are surely reading your blog because it is awesomeeeee.

Fred said...

i think they're really creepy sorry