Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 30: The new trend.

Today, my mom taught me the new trend in making promises. The general promise sealer in the United States is a pinky promise. People also use the "Do you swear on our friendship?" or swearing on some sort of thing of important to seal a promise as well. When I studied abroad in Italy, I had a friend from Japan who taught me that you press one of your palms to the palm of the person you are making a promise with above your head to seal the deal.

I learned a new promise sealer via my mom today called the "God slap." The "God slap" is similar to any sort of traditional high five, except that if you call it a "God slap" before you do it, it means that you must obey and adhere to whatever terms you have just determined.

The "God slap" I believe was made up by my mom today, on the stop, off the fly, to suit the purpose of what we was going on at the time. But I think it could be the new trend in sealing promises.

I recommend that the next time you and a friend are discussing something important and it is proposed to have a "pinkie promise" or to "swear on" something, instead you seal it with a "God slap."

Thank you and goodnight.

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