Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 19: Walk in Heels

Today I practiced walking in high heels. It is something that I've always wished I was better at but have never put in the effort to be better at it! So today, just while I was doing little things around the apartment and cleaning, etc. I wore the only pair of heels that I own! They are adorable and I love wearing them and soon I will be able to do it non-stop.

I looked up some tips online and practiced those as well.

First of all, I learned that it is often harder to just STAND in heels instead of walking. When you are walking you can shift your weight around and even things out however when you are just standing, you have to have all of your weight on the balls of your feet and have to balance A LOT. A short term goal of learning how to walk in heels is being able to wear them out this weekend for my birthday. A long term goal is to be able to wear them at my sister's wedding in May-- which will require a lot of just STANDING so I'd better get good at that. I learned while you are standing to never lock your knees because you could faint.

While in heels you need to really have strong posture and have your abs tucked in and your shoulders back. Work on balance and standing first and then start to walk. One foot in front of the next and don't be afraid to walk as though there is music playing.

I actually put some on while I was practicing walking... it helps!

I apologize for the horrendous pics but I'm too tired tonight!



Carol said...

Teach me!!!! I have a wedding in May too!!!

heather said...

Since I hardly ever wear heels except when going out (where I'm walking or sitting usually) I was a little nervous about standing in Katie's wedding, but it wasn't a problem at all!! I think I was too caught up in everything else that was going on so I didn't even notice the heels! Good luck!

Kimberly said...

I learned how to walk in heels in the hallway of Day Hall thanks to Miss Kristina, who put tape down on the carpet and made me walk, jump, run, and skip up and down until she decided I had gotten it right.

Haha, nothing like a fashion design major teaching a girl how to strut down the runway...

kdal said...

you are beyond hilarious. wait til you see the suckers i bring to Albany..and it's not because i am planning for nights on the town (however, i do want to take in as much of Albany as possible) but it's because i've learned to LOVE heels and i wear 3-5inches on almost a daily basis....the joys of being 5'1"...see you soon and we can prance in heels together---you'll eventually even learn how to run in them:)
p.s. i find it hard to believe you only own one pair..?