Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 21: TRIPLE check.

What I learned today is that if you are going to the gym BEFORE work. TRIPLE check your bag to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need. I've forgot things like towel... bra... underwear... etc. but all of those are do-able to deal with. A combination of air drying and those hand blowers is acceptable if necessary. Wearing a sports bra under my clothes is acceptable if necessary. Going commando is (somewhat) acceptable if necessary (and nobody knows).

Today I forgot shoes. NOT OKAY.

Forgetting shoes sucks. My options to go with my dress were either sneakers or my dirty and wet shower flip flops. Neither of those is acceptable. Ever.

I go to the gym right next to where I work, which is 25-30 minutes from where I live. And I have a reverse commute, so if I were to have gone back INTO Albany at this time, I'm sure it would have taken me even longer to get there due to traffic so there was no way that I could return home to get shoes.

I started to drive aimlessly looking for a place that I could buy any form of a crappy black shoe to put my feet into for the day. I stopped at places like Job Lot and CVS looking for ANYTHING. All those stores had were stupid crappy knock-off crocs.

I started to make please to the shoe store gods saying, "Please, just let me find a shoe store and I'll go into work early for the next week." and "If I could just find a place to buy shoes I'll donate them right afterwards to charity and clean out my closet and donate everything I don't use."

FINALLY, I found a Wal-Mart, which was such a clutch move. I bought a pair of black flats for $9.88 and put them on at the check out counter and drove immediately to work.

I decided to make this a little fun and also to distract myself from screaming at the other drivers to get out of my way as I booked it to work, I created this little video for your pleasure...

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