Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 11: Palm Reading

My roommates have a book about palm reading and I've briefly glanced few it a few times but today I actually sat down with the book and went through and learned some about myself via my palms. The book is called "Palm Reading for Beginners" by Richard Webster in case anybody is interested in checking out the full thing... but, a few highlights that I learned today are as follows:
  • Traditionally, from your dominant hand you will learn about things in your life that you have done for yourself. Your lesser dominant hand will tell you about qualities, skills, and talents that you were born with.
  • My square palm (as opposed to oblong) are the hands of people that are down-to-earth, capable, and practical people. They enjoy a challenge and are prepared to work long and hard, when required, to achieve their goals. They have plenty of stamina and energy.

  • A square palm combined with long fingers means that you are an "Air Hand", which is what I am. The other options are an earth hand (square palm, short fingers), fire hand (oblong palm and short fingers), and a water hand (oblong palm and long fingers). "Air hand" people are inventive, innovative, thoughtful, and practical. They are conscientious, good with details, and need constant challenges. These people are more intellectual than others (ha!), enjoy expressing themselves, and are easy to get along with. They have an inquisitive nature that keeps them perpetually young. They are refined, express themselves well, and are interested in travel, communication, freedom, and anything out of the ordinary (I'd say thats pretty darn true).

  • Your "heart line" is the major line that runs across your hand from your pinky towards your fingers. Sometimes it curves, sometimes it doesn't. I have a "physical heart line" that ends between my first two fingers. People with "physical heart lines" (one that curves) find it comparatively easier to express their innermost feelings and needs. They can express themselves in a confident and assertive manner. Ending between the first two fingers means that you have a strong balance between idealism and selfishness and have a very healthy balance between thinking about yourself and thinking about others.

  • Your "head line" is another clear and well marked line on your hand. It starts on the side of your hand between the base of your thumb and fore finger and crosses the palm towards your little finger. It can be different lengths and have different curvatures. The longer the line is, the more detailed and involved the person's thought process is. People with short lines are shrewd and think quicky. My line basically goes across my whole hand and is really long, which probably is why it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to make decisions-- I think SO much about everything. The more the "head line" curves towards your wrist, the more creative and imaginitive you are. Mine curves a good amount. This line also tells a lot based on if it forks at the end, has a sharp bend at the end, or if it meets the "heart line" at the beginning.

  • The "life line" is thought to be the most imporant line on the hand and although it doesn't have to do with how long you live, it tells about the passion and energy you live life with. It starts between the first finger and thumb and swoops around the thumb. If your "life line" swoops far away from the thumb that means that you have a great deal of stamina and energy and are adventurous, take chances, and make the most of every opportunity. Someone whose "life line" hugs the thumb lives without energy and lacks enthusiasm about life.

  • If you have breaks in your "life line" those represent periods of change in your outlook on life. Major periods of dramatic life-altering mindsets. I have a pretty far out (but not ridiculously far) "life line" with quite a few breaks, except one major one.

Well, thats all I'm going to get into... there is SOOO much in this book I could literally reprint it all for you. If you are intrigued, check it out even more, but for me and my "air hands" we're going to bed.



Matthys said...

I'm totally an air hand, thats pretty sweet

. said...

I'm an air hand too! Since you are in Hawaii we should "air five", hehe.