Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 5: Good posture.

Today I learned a fun tip from a friend on how to work towards better posture as well as strengthen your core. We e-mail during the day and swap ideas to help us stay on track with our diets and just little extra ways to burn a few calories or make ourselves healthier.

The tip I received today was to set my rear view mirror in my car while I am sitting up completely straight. That way, throughout my whole commute and times in the car I am forced to sit up straight and hold that position. I tried this on my way home today and it really helped me to sit up straight! I can't say that my "core" feels any stronger but I'm definitely going to keep up this little change so that I can improve my posture.

I have always had terrible posture and slouch over while at a desk. When writing I arch my back way over and bring my face very close to my paper. While standing my shoulders hunch. I'm not really sure why these habits have developed but my diagnosis is that I have such bad posture because:

- I'm lazy and it takes less energy to slouch
- Because I never got into the habit, it is more comfortable for me to slouch
- My boobs weigh me down
- Years of swimming gave me strong shoulders that roll forward

Sooo I don't know how accurate any of those things are or how much they play into my bad posture (especially the swimming one... I don't know how I got that reasoning into my head, but it has stuck). However, now I'm going to do something about it. I recently was told by MY JOB to alter the way that I write (hunched over with my face close to the paper) because it isn't very professional looking. It also isn't professional looking to be slouched at my desk and have someone stop in to check with me on something. I really think this is going to help because a couple times as I was driving home I went to check my mirror and it reminded me to sit up straight!

Try it on your commute to work tomorrow and see for yourself!

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