Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 27: $1 Necklaces.

So today, I learned that whenever you are at a jewelry store sale where everything is $1 you should definitely go out and buy as many things that you can find that are remotely cute.

You people may be thinking, "Well duh! Where is this sale, I want to go now!" or possibly, "How realistic is a $1 jewelry sale? This is pointless."

Well, let me tell you... I've been at a $1 jewelry sale and I bought a couple necklaces. It was back in May when I was still in Syracuse and early one Saturday morning I got a text from a friend who worked at thus jewelry store in question. She informed us of the blow-out "we're moving locations and don't want to have to get frat boys to carry hundreds of boxes" sale going on. Now, none of the stuff there I could particularly see fitting into my wardrobe at the moment, but I bought a necklace anyways with the notion, "Hey it is only a dollar!" I was quite satisfied with my purchase at the time.

But then, days, weeks, months, went by when I never wore this necklace. I'd look at it sometimes and try it on with an outfit but it never seemed right. I started to get discouraged with myself and whenever I'd be strapped for a $1 I'd think, "If only I never bought that stupid necklace, I could [buy a coffee/pay the toll without using pennies/get a pack of gum/tip the bartender/do a load of laundry]." See, I love bargains. I also hate wasting money. Bargains can sometimes trick you into spending money that you don't want to spend. I thought that this was the case and that I had been tricked out of my $1.

Well, today, as I was getting dressed, I put on gray dress pants, a black tank top, tan/gold sweater over it, and black shoes (no, not the ones I bought from Wal-Mart last week either). I immediately realized that this $1 unworn necklace would look perfect with my outfit. I put it on and it legit looked perfect with my outfit! I wore it all day and smiled at myself whenever I saw it in the mirror.

This may seem silly and trite to some (especially any boys that are reading this) but I seriously get such a thrill out of buying things cheap and getting good use out of them. This particular case was even more exciting for me, because I had pretty much given up hope on it, and thus causing myself to doubt current bargain shopping purchases and think, "Am I ACTUALLY ever going to wear this? I think I am, but I did waste that $1 on the necklace..." So today, finding a perfect matching outfit for this necklace, months after its purchase, has reaffirmed my beliefs in bargain shopping alltogether.

I apologize for not having a photo up here. I went to the gym after work and changed my clothes/got all sweaty so I didn't want to take any pictures or put those clothes back on. However, instead of getting depressed about the lack of images of me and my clothes and cute necklace, I encourage you all to go dig through your closets and drawers and pull out any shirts, skirts, necklaces, etc. that you may have given up hope of ever finding the perfect companions for. I'd take a pretty fair guess to say that many of you have things in your closet that you bought once because the deal was just too good to pass up but you have never worn.


And then go buy more things :)

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