Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 14: Julia Child



This is just so amazing that I can't even handle it. I've been a longtime fan of Julia and this is something that I DID NOT know. Why am I a Julia Child fan you may ask? Good question. I am a Julia Child fan because of a little old game called Compatibility. The game Compatibility, for those of you who don't know, consists of a deck of 52 cards with random images and words on them. Everything from a picture of fruit to a picture of a globe to a car to a beach to a baby to the one and only, Julia Child. This was always my favorite card, long before I even knew who she was. She just looked so friendly and happy, like she wanted to be my friend and cook for me forever.

Once I learned who was in the picture and learned about her philosophy on life and all the breakthrough things she has done, I loved her more. My friends and I all sort of love her after playing Compatibility for so many years and when we traveled to Washington D.C. together many summers ago, there happened to be a special Julia section at the Smithsonian, which was PERFECT for us.

Well, I thought that I had learned all I could learn about Ms. Julia Child. However, today it was revealed that she was a part of an international spy ring, put together by the Office of Strategic Services (an early verion of the CIA). This was just released this morning and other members of the spy ring included White Sox catcher Moe Berg and Supreme Justice Arthur Goldberg. Check out the full AP article on this story!


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