Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 10: Giving makes you happy.

Alright, so last night my computer wasn't working right and today at work I was busy all day, so right now I'm playing catch up and writing an entry for what I learned YESTERDAY. After I finally decided that I was so frustrated with my computer that I might actually throw it at the wall, I put it away for the night and just ripped out the page of "Self" magazine I was reading and shoved it in my purse.

The two anecdotes I found really exciting and interesting and wanted to share are as follows:

"To be a kinder person, think positive thoughts. Practicing a technique known as compassion meditation can increase empathy. It works by activating the insula, a brain region that governs emotion, a study at the University of Wisconsin at Madison indicates. To try it yourself, picture someone you care about free of suffering. Let the good vibes roll."

I thought this was really cool because I am currently at a point in my life, as I know a lot of others are, where I am in a new city and most of the people I care about are far away. I think about everyone a lot and I decided that I'm going to start some "compassion meditation" and send my loved ones good vibes and happiness while becoming a more empathetic person myself! So if you all of a sudden feel really carefree, cheery, and insufferable-- THAT WAS ME!

The second thing that I learned from my magazine laast night is:

"Those who spend money on others report feeling happier than people who buy something for themselves, the journal Science reveals."

This is a totally awesome fun fact that Science has dug up for us. I could have probably named many instances of my own where I felt better about getting something for someone else than for myself, but it is really fun/exciting to hear that confirmed by a scientific source!!

That was Sunday's entry-- I'll see you all later tonight hopefully!

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