Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 22: Cumberland makes good wine!

Today, I was given the fabulous gift of a bottle of wine from the Cumberland, Rhode Island winery. Who would have thought that RI could make a good wine? But it really was quite delicious!

I've driven past the winery countless times and thought to myself/commented to friends plenty of times about how I've wanted to try it. Today, one of my friends visiting for my birthday brought a bottle because she thoughtfully remembered me mentioning that I wanted to try it.

We had Blackstone Blush table wine (I hope they didn't use water from the Blackstone) from Diamond Hill Vineyard. The wine had 11% alcohol content, and something that I know from wine classes I have taken in the past is that the lower the alcohol content on wine, the sweeter it is. Now, for wine standards 11% is pretty in the middle... a 8 or 9% alcohol content on the wine would be VERY sweet whereas a 13 or 14% alcohol content would make a dry wine. However, for an 11% alcohol content, I felt that it was quite sweet. It would be good for a dessert wine with fruit (it had fruity notes in it) or even for a pre-dinner drink. You wouldn't really want to have more than 1 glass of it-- it was that sweet (to me).

So today, I learned that Cumberland, RI althought not known as a wine hotspot makes a really great wine. I am excited to try more varieties and it is great gift to give (and receive!).

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