Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 20: Three-for-one

So, today I learned a mix of a few different things.

1. Bridesmaids dress shopping SUCKS.

2. If your bathroom floods, clean the soaked stuff immediately.

3. Sucky friends make you appreciate the good friends.

First, I decided to skip the gym and go and try on bridesmaids dresses for my sister's wedding. She picked this designer and color from a web site and the bridesmaids are all over the country so we're supposed to just look up stores that have the dresses and go try them on and then we'll order them from the same place. I originally looked on the web site and 3 stores in Albany said they had the dress maker I needed... so I called them to ask if they had the 4 styles I needed to choose from. First, two of the places said they didnt have the dress maker and the web site lied. The other place the lady was a total jerk to me on the phone and hung up on me saying that she wouldn't tell me over the phone if they had the style dress I needed and that I had to come into the store to find that out.

I totally didn't want to go to the store after she was a jerkbut I figured whatever... I'm not ordering the store from that place anyways. So I went in yesterday and as soon as I got in the store and explained that I needed to try on these different styles so I could decide which ones I wanted to order. The lady is sort of oriental or something, has an accent, and doesn't speak english correctly. Conversation went as follows:

Jerk-- "You go over to her. You order dresses from her."
Me-- "Well, I don't want to order a dress yet. I have 4 styles to choose from so I wanted to try them on first."
Jerk-- "No try on. You order from her."
Me-- "Thats the thing though... I'm not ready to order until I know which dress I WANT to order by TRYING them on."
Jerk-- "We no have plus sizes. You order from her."
Me-- "Plus sizes? What? And I don't WANT to order a dress yet!"
Jerk-- "We no carry 12, 14, PLUS SIZES. Only average sizes. You no try on average sizes."
Me-- "Oh... well... (this is where it made sense to me that yes, this lady is a douche, but I am too fat to try on the dresses here) Okay... do you think I could just LOOK at the dresses in the different styles?"
Jerk-- "You order dress?"
Jerk-- "No try on. No order. No see dresses. You order from her."

This is when I left the store and immediately went to the gym.

2.) My bathroom flooded a little while back and I hadn't had time to do the laundry of the towels that I used to soak up the water and the clothes that got hit in the flood. I did them today. Not that much of an improvement in smell and softness after being washed and dried. I'm going to try again... but I learned the lesson to just not put it off and wash them RIGHT AWAY.

3.) Not really a story that I want to elaborate on. But put simply, when you have a "friend" that treats you badly and not the way you deserve... it makes you realize that you just that much more lucky to have even one friend that looks out for you, cares for you, and is always there for you. I am extremely blessed (EXTREMELY) to have so many people like that in my life. I don't tell them enough how amazing they are... but I really do love all my friends a lot. And side note... I often say that my friends are a family to me-- but I should also say that my family is also my friends as well.


heather said...

I consider you my cousin AND my friend. What is the website where you have to get your dress from? I want to see your choices!!! Did Nikki find something yet?

Courtney said...

you might already know this but i just learned this and now do it all the time ... you can text google (466453) or cha-cha(242242) any question you want (ie. shoes zipcode where you are) and it will text you back a bunch of shoe stores! standard text messages apply and it is really fast. especially useful for finding bars/restaurants and sports scores!

Kimberly said...

hey, i love you.