Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 28: P.I.E. model

Today I attended a lunch and learn session at work about the "PIE" Formula for Leadership Success. "PIE" stands for Performance, Image, and Exposure. This formula brings together these three elements to demonstrate what is needed for advancement and success within an organization. Performance represents the actual work that you do and how well you do it. Image means what you look like, act, present yourself, etc. basically the message you send without words and the way people view you. Exposure represents the ability that others have to basically see your performance and your image.
Performance tips are to do every task that you are assigned as if it is urgent. Don't be sloppy. But get it done ASAP. If offered, accept the hard jobs. You will learn the most from those tasks. When you present new ideas or new ways of doing things be sure to always relate them directly to current business needs. Ask questions, but not just any questions. Ask the RIGHT questions. Think like a CEO before you get there. READ. Always be learning (woohoo go me). Develop your own style
The image that you convey to others can be an intentional image or non-intentional. Either way, it is important. Be sure that you look put together and prepared for things. Do not slouch. Be ready for any question or anything that comes up. Have executive presence. Demonstrate knowledge of the business and function you are working on. Maintain composure under pressure and don't show your emotions. Know what others are saying about you. Compare the way you act/look to top leaders in the business. Brand yourself and your stlye. Be true to that brand.
Exposure is active openness. It doesn't mean just having your door open but actively seeking and maintaining relationships. Performance multiplied by exposure equals career impact. We all laughed when the speaker said, "If you aren't performing-- don't get yourself exposed." but it is true. Exposure often means getting out of your comfort zone. When on business trips you may be tired and just want to sit in your hotel room, watch TV, and order in room service. But don't do that! Meet people, have conversations, sit with someone new at lunch, get a drink after work, etc. Make time for this and plan ahead. Do some homework... know what is going on in the world and in sports and music and entertainment so you can have some small talk conversations. Work to maintain and follow up on these connections you make.

The way that this system breaks down their importance is as follows:
This just shows you generally if you sit at your desk non-stop and do work, work, work than you aren't going to advance much within the corporation because you need both of those other aspects to be able to move up. We discussed taking advantage of opportunities to talk in elevators, run into upper management and be able to say hello and have a short conversation, and look presentable at the same time. We discussed that you really need to be on your game when you present to upper level management in presentations, etc.
The speakers at the presentation emphasized that these ACTUAL percentages don't really mean much... they are not exact numbers or anything like that. Where I work, making this sort of disclaimer is necessary, because we have a lot of technical people and they take these things very literally. One girl raised her hand and asked if the percentages were meant to represent how much time we put into each of these things while we are at work.
I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing because I was imaging someone spending 60% of their day riding up in down in the elevator hoping that someone important comes in and 30% of their day fixing hair and makeup... and then 10% actually doing work. Could you imagine?? The thought of that cracked me up.
Anyways, this is what I learned today... stay tuned for more thrilling learnings in the life of moi!


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pi = 3.14

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p.s. this brings back memories of our guy friends having the shirts for March 14 (3/14) that said Happy Pi Day.

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