Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 7: Maid of Honor

So, recently (as in last Saturday-- woot woot!) my older sister got engaged and graciously asked me to be her Maid of Honor! OBVIOUSLY, I said yes and I'm totally excited/honored/happy/grateful, etc. that she asked me to take on that roll. All I really knew about being a Maid of Honor (I'm going to capitalize it this whole time to make me sound more important) is that they are super awesome and that they plan a bachelorette party? I think? Even that I wasn't sure about.

I decided to look up the responsibilities and duties of a Maid of Honor so I can learn more about my role. Now, what I looked up were the TRADITIONAL roles... I don't know if my sister will want me to take on all of these roles. But I will ready, willing, and able to wrap my little party-planning, organizing hands around any of the following, that I learned today, are the traditional roles of a Maid of Honor:

- Assist with details of the wedding planning such as shopping for a dress, addressing invitations, and picking out flowers, or whatever the bride wants help with

- Host and plan the Bridal Shower

- Host and plan the Bachelorette Party

- Be "in charge" of the other bridesmaids and plan fittings, instruct them of their duties, and organizing getting the bride a gift

- On the day of the wedding the Maid of Honor should assist the bride in getting ready and basically being their bitch and doing whatever they need

- Maid of Honor signs the wedding license as a witness

- Maid of Honor holds the bouquet during the ceremony

- Make sure the photographer takes a shit ton of pictures

- At the reception, Maid of Honor stands right after the Groom in the receiving line

- Dance with the best man!

- Make a toast or speech during the wedding party!

- Basically know everything about everything that involves the wedding so if need be, she can handle logistics, make sure shit is in order, people are where they need to be, and everything else so that the bride can just have a perfect day and not have to think about any of that

As for a little history, bridesmaids are believed to be from Roman law that required ten witnesses to be at a wedding ceremony and dress in identical clothing to the couple getting married to TRICK the evil spirits. AKA my roll is to attract all the evil energy in the universe to me and not my sister.

This seems like a pretty cool and interesting role, and I'm excited to take on every one of those things (except for being the magnet for all the evil in the room). However, knowing my sister, she probably will want to keep a lot of the planning and decision making for herself and might note dole out all of these tasks to me. Or trust me to take on a lot of these taks on my own. So for now, I'll make it my role to make sure she knows that I'm AVAILABLE for all of these different things.

SO for those of you who have never been a Maid of Honor, I hope you learned something as well! And for those of you who HAVE been a Maid of Honor-- leave me comments if there is anything my research has missed!

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Carol said...

Katie, you are by far, my favorite daughter.